Renovating. Its a long slow process…. apparently

Well, it’s been months since I have posted.  such is the excitement that is my life I guess.

To be fair, it’s been winter.  It’s been bloody cold and bloody wet and I become extremely unmotivated at this time of year.

But, we have made a start on renovating our family room.  Now, don’t go getting excited.  If you know my hubby, you will understand.  If you don’t, well, let me give you a brief rundown.

Renovating costs money.  Renovating takes time.  Renovating means buying stuff which costs money.  Renovating needs time to think about what you are going to buy that will cost money…..  get the picture?

OK.. so,  This will be a bit of a picture blog, showing the progress I’ve made in the last few months… yes.  I said months.  Five months to be precise.  We hit walls, regularly.

But to be fair, I’m retired and we only have one income, so I’m being patient.  On the outside.

Inside?    tumblr_inline_nsd4ug20WG1qe94w3_500

Our family room was last painted around 18 years ago.  We had three young boys who were, quite frankly, tearaways, full of beans and I, being the cool mum that I was – and still am – used to umpire basketball games for them.  Inside.  In our family room.  So, we, meaning I, had the great idea to let the boys pick the colour of the family room, seeing as it was the room that they used all the time.

Yes folks.  I allowed three boys between 5 and 8 to choose the colour of our family room.

Whatever What can I say, I had had three boys within four years, was a stay at home mum, who’s only friends also had kids the same age and I strongly believe that this caused me to have an extended version of baby brain.  For about fifteen years, and by that stage I was in too deep to dig my way out of boys, boy stuff, boy friends, boy games.  Yep, I lived my life surrounded by boys.  I might also say, I loved every minute of it, and now that they are grown and have moved out, I miss the noise and mess and smell (yes, even the smell) greatly.

But, having finally surfaced from that, I finally convinced hubby that we really REALLY needed to get rid of the bright moroccan “gold” that our boys chose all those years ago.  Granted, it was washable and took a massive hammering and it did hold up well… but GOD it gave me a headache these last ten years.


So, I chose the new colour, hubby bought the paint, and then I waited ten months for him to tell me he was ready to paint the room.

  yes…. ten months.

But of course, he first had to wash the walls, pull out all the old picture anchors that had been there since we moved in 23 years ago, plaster up the holes, sand it down, replaster because he “missed a bit” resand and then rewash the walls all over again because of the dust………  and then he decided to brick up the windows that looked out under our carport.

Now, truth be told, those windows were rubbish.  They didn’t open and they looked out into the messy garage.  Stupid placement of windows, but they were there when we moved in and we hadn’t done anything about them.  So we got a couple of quotes, booked in the guy and that got done.


And then we began painting.. finally!

Here is a quick pic spam of how that went.  We actually got it undercoated and three top coats done over a three day long weekend.

We are guns!!   




Then came the discussion about window coverings.  Which actually was a really quick discussion because I knew what I wanted and had, in fact, already gone out and selected exactly what I wanted, and I was just waiting for hubs to give the go ahead.

Which took about 5 weeks, and then he told me to get quotes………….

You might, by now, be thinking “this woman is a saint!”  

And you’d be right, so, he wanted me to get quotes.  Which I did…  and then he sat on said quote for as long as he could before ordering the blinds I’d chosen.   But, they arrived within three weeks, and were installed.


Nothing overly fancy, but they do the job and I’m happy with them.

And I found a clock.  Only $12 from KMart!!  Bargain!  

So here we are.  We’ve got the room painted, blinds installed, no quote for a new sliding door – which we desperately need, no quote for new flooring – which probably won’t be done until next year, and no new dining chairs – because you know, they cost money!, and a bunch of flat pack boxes that will be assembled soon.  I’ll update with a new post about that!

I never thought it was going to be easy, but I didn’t think it was going to take so long.  I’ll get it done eventually I expect.

Someone once said, slow and steady wins the race.  They clearly had no bloody idea what they were talking about.

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I’ll Take My Fandom Sunny Side Up Please

Fandoms. What are they exactly? Well, here are some definitions for you:

FANDOM:   The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people.

FANDOM:  An emotional drug. With other such hypnotized fans just as addicted as you or any other fan are, to a specific subject. A large group of unstable and emotional fans that devote half of their time in daily life, loving the thing they are so dedicated to. Whether its the writers, the shippers, or the followers; they all emotionally go haywire over it as one.   There are many fandoms, but some of the more common & most emotionally unstable of fandoms are  … come on now.  I’m not stupid.  I’m not going to actually name the crazy ones!

FANDOM:  An awful, wonderful community of people who’s feelings don’t matter to the authors and creators of books, television shows, movies, etc…  OH GOD THE FEELS– My fandom will be the death of me…

FANDOM:  A cult that will destroy your lifeI have 17 fandoms… DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FEELS I GET A NIGHT

Get the idea? Well, I am part of a fandom.  It can be a wonderful, fun, exciting place.  It can also be a horrible place where the equivalent of the “mean girl” exists.    They hide behind their computer or phone screen, tapping vile, vitriolic words, spewing them out for all to read. The stupid part about these particular people is that they actually refer to themselves as fans of the show they are bashing.  They hate and loathe almost everything about it.  Yet they continue to watch. They find nothing wrong with verbally attacking writers, producers, directors, even the actors, about the story line of a particular episode.

They don’t actually understand that the show is not written specifically FOR THEM.  They demand that the protagonists of the show must be portrayed in a certain way.  Most often in bed, kissing constantly, and living in fluffy cloud of peaches and cream where real life cannot intrude on their non stop love affair.  They cannot understand that for a TV show to survive 8 or 9 or 11 years, it must change and move forwards.  Even if that means their favourite character is not portrayed in a positive light.

They often then turn their bitter, sour tongues on other fans who dare to defend the show. They resort to naming and demanding people unfollow certain people.  They threaten to report them.  But mostly they just are nasty, mean, negative nancies.

They have open conversations on forums and social media sites like Twitter, where they gravitate towards each other banging each other on the back, waving their pitchforks in the air and chanting.  They have no problem forcing their opinions down other peoples throats and turning on them and attacking in an verbally vicious way if they are questioned about their own views.

Twitter has been a place where, for some reason, it’s more important to have more followers and to follow more people than the next person.  Whether to you have any interest in a person, their interests or what they tweet about, or not.

I don’t understand that myself.  I regularly go through my followers and purge the suspect and weird ones.   Why a fast food place in DesMoines feels the need to follow me escapes me, except for the fact that I once may have mentioned french fries with ketchup and they therefore assumed that I must eat there.

I have also been forced to block a large number of these “true fans” of my show.  If tweeting a showrunner or writer and “UPPER CASE SCREAMING” at them, telling them they have killed the show, destroyed it, ruined it, giving details of scenes that don’t work, is being a true fan?  I guess I’m really not.

In their world. And frankly, I really don’t want to be.

Now, for the good side of MY fandom. These are the people that truly love our show.   Many people write recaps and reviews in positive ways.   There is a whole group that write fanfiction, myself included.  There is Tumblr where you can find screen caps, gifs and videos about the show.  We have chat rooms and forums where we gather to praise a particular episode or discuss the things we liked and didn’t like.

See, in my world, you don’t HAVE to love every episode and every scene to be a true fan.

You understand why something was written the way it was.  You come together virtually to hug each other when you’re happy or sad.  You accept that a particular episode wasn’t really a story that appealed to you, but you still have appreciation for the work that went into it.  You can talk to your friends about why you didn’t like it, and they sometimes agree with you, or not.  But you still chat about it and your feelings without any malice.  And you wait for next week with anticipation.

We will sometimes tweet the actors, directors or show runners with our congrats on a great episode.  We join in with the fun when something exciting happens, like one of the actors has a baby, wins an award, or has something exciting happen to them.  Mostly we just follow them because they are the people who give us our show.

But always, ALWAYS, we are super supportive and positive because we  actually LOVE and appreciate our show. My fandom has brought me into the arms of some wonderful people.  Literally.  It was the highlight of my recent holiday to meet face to face the people that I met via twitter and give them all a big warm hug.  It also proved to my husband that I’m not the only middle aged woman in the world who has a crush on a particular actor.

So I will continue to be part of my fandom.  I will keep watching my show, which has just been renewed for an 11th season!  That’s a gift to the fans.  I will keep writing my fan fiction.  I’ll keep chatting to my friends, and I will definitely keep away from the nay-sayers. All fandoms have two sides.  I prefer mine sunny side up.  And with bones in it.

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My Two Cents on Bones…

Everyone seems to be saying what they think about Bones these days, and the direction it’s heading in.  I agree with a lot, and disagree with a lot.  I understand that it’s not easy pumping out episode after episode for ten years and keeping it on point and fresh, and I admire the writers and showrunners for keeping the momentum going.   There are many things I still love about the show, and there are things that I probably don’t love as much as I used to.  And that’s OK.  We, as viewers change, just as the show changes.  Sometimes I want to tear my hair out at some of the storylines.  Sometimes I sit with my mouth hanging open wondering what the hell I just watched.  Other times, I sit with a lump in my throat and a tiny tear in my eye, loving it to death.

I have loved this show from the very first episode, just like thousands of other viewers.  That fact doesn’t make anyone special (although some seem to think it makes them somehow a better fan).  I’m a big fan, definitely.  I’m a Bonehead, 100%.  But I’m not a drone who just watches every week staring at the screen, waiting for Booth & Brennan to hug, to kiss, to make love, to be a Stepford couple, and then whine and bitch to the world when they’re not.   That’s not to say I don’t miss things about them as the couple they used to be.  As a partnership.  Sure I do, but I’m intelligent enough to understand that the show is a living breathing thing.  It rises, falls and changes, just as it should.  Sometimes, sure I think it’s gone backwards, and other times I think it’s stood still.  But that is the nature of a long running show.  It needs to go through these patches.  And it has to change to be able to survive.

As far as B&B are concerned, sure, I want the passion and the tension and the eye sex back. I want to see them touching each other in the most innocent ways, that sent shivers down my spine. I want them to stare at each other and not speak, but say a thousand words. I want them to want each other, but be too scared to do anything about it.  I want them to want each other, like a married couple does. I want them to sit and lean into each other. I want them to hold hands like they cannot bear to let go. I want to see them cuddle together with their daughter. I want them to lie beside each other and we just KNOW they are in love.  I also want to win the Lottery.  I want a lot of things….. but I’ve learned to live without them.

Now, of course they’re into their 10th year.  That’s bloody amazing!  And real life situations for the actors impact on the show.  We have Emily who is pregnant with her second child.  It’s a fantastic thing for her family, but of course, it has changed things for her character on the show.  Yes, they’ve written it in.  Personally I would have been OK if they hadn’t, but as we all know, Emily does get pretty big (something I’m very familiar with) and it would have been very difficult hiding it.  Having said that,  they could have just “hidden” it and gone on with the show.  And yes, there would have been those of us who would have smiled at the ludicrous ideas they would have come up with to hide her growing belly, but just accepted and ignored it.  There would also have been the fans that would have bitched and moaned about why Booth and Brennan weren’t having another baby.  Of course, they got their wish.  And yet they are still not happy.

I suspect many of them have never been pregnant and don’t understand how it works.  Yes, we can all have a fab first pregnancy where we glow and shine and bounce along through life forgetting that we have this life growing inside us.  Then there is often the second pregnancy where you are sick as a dog, vomiting every half hour for months on end, unable to eat and pretty much feeling like a wet sack.  I would LOVE some of the whiners to work full time through that.   I’m not saying Emily has been ill, but if she has, it would explain why her scenes have been cut back.  And frankly who could blame her.  (oh right… those fans would)

So Brennan isn’t able to go into the field any more.. so what? I hope this means Booth will be able to visit the lab more now. I want him to make fun of the squints and stick his fingers into things he shouldnt touch. I want less “meaty” bodies and more bones. Since when is Brennan at her best working with fleshy remains? That’s Cams area. Yes.. I want a lot, I know. I want to see Aubrey interacting with Booth AND Brennan more. I like his connection to them both. He doesn’t know them as Seeley Booth and Dr Brennan. He just knows them as Booth&Brennan. He sees them as they are, not as they were. He connects with both of them in different ways. And he has similarities to them too.  Yes.  I AM a James Aubrey fan.  I loved him from the very first episode.  I love his quirky nature, his incessant eating, I love the fact that he is an actual FBI agent.  I love that he’s a little bit Brennan, a little bit Booth, a little bit Sweets and even a little bit Vincent.  He’s interesting.  And he’s fun.

I’ve said many times I didn’t like Sweets. That’s not entirely true. I did like him. As a shrink. That’s where he shined for me. And he knew so much about Booth and Brennan.  He grew up with them.  But I always felt like Sweets became like this little third wheel to B&B. They don’t have him to stick them back together anymore, so they have to learn how to do it without him. It’s going to be tough taking them forwards in a way that has substance.  Their lives have changed so much.  They’ve lived through so much.  And all these things change people.  Even TV characters.  And that’s what I do like.  Their frailties, their weaknesses.  They are not perfect.  I don’t want them to be perfect.

Trust me, I’ve been married for 31 years and married life is messy and awkward and complicated.  It can also be fun, and exciting and wonderful.   And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And that’s what I need to see to believe that Booth & Brennan are a married couple.  I need to see their daily messes and problems and their joyous moments.  I don’t need to see them in bed having sex (like SO many fans keep whining about).  Honestly, if that’s all you are watching for, go hire a porno.  Actually, I’m pretty sure a lot of you, who might be reading this have had sex.  I don’t need to see it to know and understand it’s a perfectly normal part of human nature.  So why do we need to see it on a TV show.    Cuddles, hugs, gentle kisses, sure, these things are lovely to see.  And I’m sure we’ll get that again.  But if we need to have some angst and discord inbetween.  Well I’m AOK with that too.

I’m at that point where I just want to watch my show every week.  I don’t want to see or hear about people abusing the cast or the writers.  Whining about story lines, about lack of B&B intimacy, about them not working together, about them being broken up (which is utter garbage).  I’m really over all that shit.   I also don’t need spoilers and previews and recaps.  They don’t interest me any more.  My opinion of what I watch is all I need.  I’ll either love it and keep watching it, or I’ll grow weary and tired and disinterested and stop.  That hasn’t happened to me yet with Bones.  I’ve had some moments where I’ve felt like it’s losing it’s shine.  But not enough to make me give it away.  I’ve loved it for too long and invested so much of myself in the lives of these fictional people to just stop.   I’m in it for the long haul, as long as that might be.

Of course, all the above is simply me, trying to put into words the muddle that is in my brain.  I’m not right or wrong.  It simply is what it is.

What I do know is that I’ll probably never get so invested in a TV show again.  It’s too much bloody hard work mentally and emotionally!

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Life and Death Of Well Used Laptop

Today, I am using a beautiful new silver HP Envy laptop.  Why?  Because a week ago, my 7 year old HP laptop crapped itself, taking with it everything.. EVERYTHING!!!

All my photos, writing, assorted documents that I wasn’t supposed to lose, like receipts, and the one and only game I play, The Sims 4 disc, which was stuck in the disc drive.

I was horrified.  Devastated.  Close to tears.  It had been hovering on the brink of death for weeks, months even.  It started running hot.  So hot in fact that I needed to put a towel and cushions underneath it to protect my leg from getting a 3rd degree burn.  Then it started not waking up after I shut the lid.  And it also would take multiple presses of the power button before it would power up.  So I set it up so that when I closed the lid, it just stayed on.  Risky I know, but I was trying to stretch out the time before we ordered a new laptop.

Imagine my distress when I came out one morning and saw that the light wasn’t on.  IT WASN’T ON!!!  I hoped that it was that the power cord wasn’t pushed in all the way.  I’d had that happen as well.  The battery had drained, so after plugging it back in, it would do a reboot.  But of course, it didn’t.

All I could think about was how I hadn’t backed it up.. I’d tried, but I didn’t have an external drive or flash drive big enough.  I had backed up things like photos and documents, but not everything.  And I knew there were receipts and files that I probably would require, but hadn’t gotten round to saving them.  Typical.  Leaving things until it’s too late.

Lappie had been good to me.  It had only been fixed once in all the years I’d had it.  It’s had a hammering.  I use it every day.  To see what’s happening with friends, to order things I don’t really need and some that I do.  To research things for hubby.  To chat with friends.  To watch TV shows I’ve missed, or ones that I can only watch online.  And of course to play the one and only game I ever play.  The Sims 4.. lording it over and controlling the lives of my little families.

Luckily, hubby was able to arrange the purchase of a new laptop.. bigger, brighter, prettier, but not before my old one gave up the ghost.   I managed quite well without one for the week to ten days I was without it.  Luckily I still have the old work horse up in the lounge room.  A twelve year old desk top that is hanging in there by the skin of it’s teeth.

Hopefully it will last a bit longer because I use the laptop 95% of the time now.  I have backed up photo’s, documents, music etc, just in case.

So now I’m sitting with a bright pretty new machine on my lap.  Thankfully, the IT guy at hubby’s work, set it up for me, and even more miraculously, managed to retrieve a mirror copy of my old hard drive and installed it on this computer.  So I have not lost a single thing!  He has even set up the desktop.  I have not ventured into the Windows 8 tile screen yet.  I was scared that if I did, I wouldn’t be able to find my way back to the desktop!  Yes, I’m Windows 8 challenged.  For now.  I’ll work it out over the weekend I expect.  For now, I’m sticking with the desktop view.

She’s lovely, sleek, two inches bigger than Lappie and everything I could possibly want in a laptop right now and I shall call her Silvie.   Let’s hope she lasts as long as my old one did, and I don’t kill her too quickly.

the thought also occurred to me that I’m way to attached to technology….



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Finding My Green Thumb – Entry 7

OK, so it’s been exactly (exactly meaning give or take a day or two) three months since I started this adventure in vegetable growing.

I’ve had some massive successes and I’ve had some woeful failures.  But, incredibly, things are still growing, in fact, they appear to have sped up!

I don’t know if it’s the mild summer weather we’ve been having here in Adelaide, or my amazing gardening skillz…..yeah, I have mad skillz…..  But either way, I’m still enjoying pottering around in the garden.

Hubby and I are at war over our little plot.  He wants to keep planting green, green, green boring as fuck green plants.  And I’m all about injecting some colour into the garden…… Give me another week or two and we’ll see who’s won that little argument.

But back to my update.  Cos I know you’re all DYING to know what’s happening with my green thumb.

My Roma tomatoes have given me a surprise.  I thought they were done and dusted, dying leaves, browning, shrivelling, then lo and behold, a whole mass of new growth and they are lanky, tall, leggy and loading up with fruit!  What the hell?  I’ve struggled with keeping them upright.  Now they seem to have become this weird, curved, bent, winding mix of vines being weighed down by the tomatoes that are really starting to come in thick and fast.


My Vine tomatoes are still giving me anywhere between 4-6 tomatoes ripening every couple of days and they have been SO delicious!  I’ve used them and my basil to make some delicious bruscetta’s.  They’re the best!  This plant too, has gone berserk, growing long and leggy and curling around.  I’ve spent this morning trying to tie them up a bit to get the fruit up off the ground.  Literally the ground.  Still so much fruit on the plant, and lots and lots of new growth and flowers still happening!

I’ve cleaned a lot of the dead growth away from the plants.  Not sure if you’re supposed to, but in my head, I’m figuring half dead growth is only pulling nutrients away from the healthy plant.  I guess I’ll find out if this was the right thing to do or not.


The cucumbers.  Well, I know nothing about growing these.  So it’s been a complete learning curve on these.  The plants are going gangbusters, finally.  I’m getting loads of both male and female flowers and the plants are starting to grab onto the trellis and grow.  But so far, my only claim to fame is this poor little thing…..


I’m finally getting some chillies!!!   But my capsicums have been a bust, so far.  I still have hopes they will kick in soon.. but I am probably just running on wishful thinking.

In general, I’m happy with the way things have gone.  I’m still learning a lot, and we’ve decided to move one of the garden beds because it’s just not quite in the right spot.  It gets too much shade.  So we’ll be emptying it and moving it forwards towards the lawn.  I also made the mistake of not mixing in a good amount of  compost into the soil before I planted.  So over winter, I’m not going to grow anything, as originally planned.  I’m just going to let it sit and hopefully all that compost will produce some great soil for next summer.    Learning, learning all the time!

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Empty Nest Syndrome Is A Bitch

My kids are all gone.  And Empty Nest Syndrome does exist.

My eldest has been “gone” for 2 years.   He was the last one to go.  I cried.  Several times, when he left.

My middle son bought a house about 3 years ago and moved out.  I was fine.  I was proud of him.  Then two and a half years ago, our youngest son moved out with his girlfriend.   I was fine.  He had eased me into his moving out by staying at her place three or four nights a week prior to moving in with her permanently.

But when the last one left, I didn’t do as well as I thought I would.

I used to joke about having the freedom to make as much noise as I want on Sunday mornings.  I threatened to walk around naked after a shower (not really but it was fun watching the boys faces when I said it).  I told them their father and I would be able to have sex in every room now  (also fun watching them turn white, then green).  But since its actually happened.  It’s not so much fun..

When we come home after being out, the house is so quiet.  It was usually quiet on a Saturday night when we got home from an outing.  The boys never got home before us, but they always came home.  But now, it’s different.  I know there would be nobody stumbling drunkenly to the bathroom after a big night out.  There would be no need to keep the volume down on the TV in the morning.  There is no need for Zac to tell me to keep my voice down because I will wake the boys up.  There is no need to tell the dog not to bark excitedly when we get his food out of the cupboard.  There is nobody here to disturb.

Our house is empty now.

Yes, we have a great guest bedroom now.   But until the time someone wants to come and stay it will remain an unused room.  I suppose it’s nice to have an extra room to store the ironing board and the washing baskets that used to be overflowing with boys clothing.  Its  good to have somewhere to put those things that always seem to clutter up a corner of a room because you don’t have anywhere else to keep them.

And it’s not like I have that umbilical thing going on.  I’m happy they are strong, independent young men.  They have great jobs, beautiful girlfriends whom I adore.  They have good friends and active social lives.  They are men that I am proud of.  That I raised.   I always knew that one day they would move out and make lives for themselves… in my head I knew this.  My heart has been a different matter.  I wasn’t prepared for the tug.  It clearly has not caught up with my head.  I’m not sure if it ever really will.

But I will be OK.   I look to my hubby for a hug every now and then.  He understands.  He admitted that he struggled with it too.   I’m glad I’m not alone.  We just have to pull together on this one.   We know that we will always see the boys.  They have close ties to us and each other.  We do family dinners each fortnight and get them all together to catch up on news.  And of course there will be birthdays and holidays and Christmas.

My house is empty now.  But my heart will always be full.

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It’s Good To Have A Dream Or Two

I have long had dreams of being a singer. A dancer. A musician. An actor. But now I’ve hit my mid 50’s its blatantly clear that this is all they have been. Dreams. These are the things that move me, drive my spirit along. And I’m OK with them only being dreams. We all need them. The trick is being able to make the decision to chase them, or to be satisfied with them just being dreams. I chose the latter.   I’ve found other ways to express myself artistically. I write. I make vids using music that I love. I fiddle around with art programs creating wallpapers and pictures that I share with my friends.

I am clearly an artsy type of person. I suppose I always was, looking back at myself as a child. I loved colouring books, drawing, painting, I loved playing with clay or plasticine as we had back then, and building elaborate things out of lego which was awkward back then cos basically you only got blocks and wheels, none of the fancy bits and pieces that kids these days have. (Oh the things I could have built with all those bibs and bobs)

I was also the frustrated director of plays and melodramatic performances that I made my brother and cousins perform at Christmas time for the family. I would spend hours writing out parts for everyone, organising costumes, hammering them through rehearsals to get their lines right. Perhaps I should have been a director? Ah well, we all make a choice to follows paths that are layed out in front of us. Some have lots of choices, some have only a few. I took a path that led me from high school, into a secretarial job, sport, marriage, kids, family and I have, for the most part, loved it. I would not change getting married and having kids for anything. But there are times when I wonder, what if I’d just taken the chance and tried singing, or acting or writing.   What if?   People say, just do it now. Which is tempting, but where would I start at my age?

So I just sing around the house, or inflict myself upon people at karaoke when I get the chance (I’m told I am a good singer but who knows), I dance as though nobody is looking (or when I’m out and everybody is looking – what do I care?) I do my artsy things and keep writing  ongoing fictional stories which I post and surprisingly, people have been reading and following !  And so I find myself satisfied for the moment. I do have a dream to write an actual novel.  I started it, but got stalled. I hope to get back to it one day soon or start a new one. I suppose there are courses I could take, or I could go back to school, but the costs are often prohibitive for the things that I’m interested in, plus by the time I graduated, I’d be too old to employ.  And so I keep my dreams to myself.

But I am not unhappy. Not at all. I am satisfied with the way things are going. I have travel ahead of me. I have engagement parties and weddings and grandchildren ahead of me.

I have my life ahead of me. And that makes me very happy.

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I’m Sexy And I Know It

I truly believe that every woman should stand in front of a mirror every morning and every night and say this to herself and believe it.

It doesn’t matter if they are a shapely size 10, or a willowy beanpole with a flat chest, or a 55 year old married mother of 3 adult sons, who is a few (20kg) overweight… We are all sexy. I love it when that LMFAO song comes on the radio.. I sing it out loud and with gusto, and I’m not just singing along with the music.. I believe it. I am sexy.

The thought occurred to me the other day that I’m the opposite of an anorexic.. When I look at myself in the mirror I actually think I’m thinner than I really am. Which is a two edged sword. Its good, because I actually do have quite good body image, but its bad because lord knows I could stand to lose the best part of 20 kg (yes.. I’m the 55 year old I mentioned above). But it is what it is.

There is nothing wrong with feeling sexy. Put on your favourite outfit, fluff up your hair, and tell yourself you look good. I love nothing better than throwing on a low cut top, with a push up bra and my favourite pair of jeans. I feel good about myself. And that’s all that matters. How YOU feel. If you feel good, your confidence in yourself will shine. My hubby says “You’re showing your boobs!” and I always answer “Yep. But just the top half” He never fails to smile.

I know people look at me and think, well she’s got a bit of a muffin top and her bum’s a bit big.. but you know, I already know that, and guess what? I really don’t care what they think. I only care about what I think. I like me, and that’s really all that matters. It’s why when I see a teenage girl who is a little on the chubby side, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight top and a huge smile, I smile. I know she knows she’s sexy and feels good about herself. I’d rather see her little muffin top and belly than a miserable, nasty skinny girl anyday.

So get up tomorrow. Put on that outfit that you love and stand in front of the mirror and sing it out loud to yourself and the world.. “I’m Sexy And I Know It”.

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My First Pet

You know sometimes, something, a memory from your childhood just pops into your head?  That happened to me.  The story of my very first pet.  I think I was around 8 or 9.  Up until then we had never been allowed to have a pet, (a) my father hated animals pretty much, and (b) my younger brother was an asthmatic and it was worried that any pets may make that worse.  Anyway, I was outside playing in the cubby house that my Papa had built.  He was a carpenter of sorts, making toys like rocking horses, hobby horses, baby cradles and the like.

My beloved cubby was a place were I could be my own little person.. I ran my household probably as badly as I do now come to think of it.. hahaha!

One day I was sitting there drawing, or colouring in (something that I did a LOT of) when I became aware of a tiny sound.  It was very faint, but it caught my attention.  I opened the window and peered out.  Yep, there it was a tiny squeaking sound.  In front of the cubby was an old gnarly lemon tree.  It was REALLY old.  I stood listening and realised that the sound was coming from up in the tree.. so me being me, I pushed my way into the branches, trying hard not to get myself snagged or worse, scratched by the thorns and there it was.

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Elderly Rockers Are My Personal Nightmare

After hearing another radio commercial advertising yet another concert by aging rockers… I am forced to say…

There is something intrinsically wrong with elderly men and/or women trying to shake their “things” on the stage… reliving their hey days…

I mean… really…. Status Quo?   What are they… 70?    Roll Over, I Need To Lay Down Before I Fall Over.

Rolling Stones… Time Isn’t On My Side any more cos we’re 70…. Or Start Me Up cos my pacemaker just failed….

The Sweet? It’s It’s The Dislocated Hips   (“Ballroom Blitz” for those of you who are too young to even know who they are/were….. 😀 )

Blondie? Call Me and talk loud cos I’m deaf now…

ZZ Top… She’s Got Legs made of titanium…

The Pretenders…. Got Heart Pills In Pocket…

The Bangles … Walk Like An Egyptian cos my hip is crook….

The Eagles… Welcome To The Hotel California Retirement Home For The Elderly and Infirm….

God I could go on and on….

I’m afraid that whilst I loved these bands in their time….. now.. it’s just sad… Sad that they feel the need to inflict themselves on Australians… who are suckered in to paying ridiculous amounts of money to go see these octogenarians hobbling around stage….  I don’t want to fund your semi-retirement.

Give me a young hot semi dressed 25 year old guy ripping it up on stage any day…

But of course, that is just my opinion…. And you all know that that is what you get if you come here… LOL….

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