So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

So this is it.  My last day of working here.

Everyone keeps coming and asking me am I sad.

 I’m not.  I’m happy.  I’m satisfied with the 9 years I have given it.  I’m happy with my decision to go.  It’s the right time.  I know it in my gut.  In my heart.  My bank account is still debating my decision.

I will probably get a bit misty later in the day.  Especially if people keep coming out and being so nice and getting sad because I’m going.  But that emotion will be for them, not me leaving.

Right now, I’m basically recording how my day is going.  

Oh!  I just got another hug. 

I sent around my farewell email.  It went a bit like this:

“So today is the day.   After nine years working here, I am hanging up the phone, putting away the processed stamp and heading off into the sunset.  As some of you know, I am dragging Zac out of the office for 2 months and taking him on a long overdue honeymoon to the USA.  (He could have gotten out of it so much cheaper if we had one when we got married…) So the next couple of weeks will keep me busy finalising our travel plans.

I want to thank everyone, especially the Directors,  for putting up with me for so long.  I still don’t know how you did it.  The funny thing is that I originally came here,  just to help out for a couple of weeks while Zac found a new receptionist.  It’s been a long couple of weeks.

As happy as I am to be starting this new phase of my life, and despite the smile on my face, I’m also a little sad.  I’ve made some wonderful friends, worked with some amazing people and had a lot of good times here.  I’ll also miss the acoustics.  Reception makes my singing sound awesome!  I’m sure I’ll see some of you around.  I’ll pop in every now and then and say hello, or have lunch.

So that’s it!!  If you are free on Friday 21st February after work, and would like to come down to the ——, I’d love to say goodbye personally and either blubber on your shoulder or do a shot with you.  Or both.   

Thanks for the almost decade!!



I’ve had a lot of really nice emails back.  I’ll probably print them all off and take them home.

My new boss has been lovely and said that he’s not going to bring much work out for me today, because I should just enjoy my last day.  Of course this could backfire on me and make my day drag out of boredom.  Good thing I decided to write this little blog entry!

Someone just asked me if I was excited… are they kidding?  I was excited at 6am this morning when I woke up early for work for the very first time… EVER!

Of course there are things I’ll miss. 

I’ll miss the good coffee that people make me.  I’ll miss the corporate functions that I got to go to, actually I might still get to go to a few.  Hubby still works here.  I’ll miss the pasta place down the road.  Their sorpressa and olive pasta is to die for.  

I will definintely miss a lot of the people.  There are a few that have been here since I started.  They’re great and they’re lovely and I will miss them.  But it’s not like I’ll never see them again.  I’ll just pop in for lunch every so often.  And there’s this handy thing called email.

Things I won’t miss? 

Plebs ringing up to do surveys.. and insisting that its “very important”    I’ve hung up on 5 today.  3 from the same company, just asking for different people.

Invoices.   All invoices.

Saying  “sign in, use the texta, make a name  tag and wear it.  First name only.  No, use the texta.  Write ON the sticker not the backing sheet.  You know that’s not a sticker, right?  It works better if you write your name first, THEN peel it off, but whatever.  Yes, on your shirt.”  over and over and over and over and over…

Air conditioning that is cold when it’s cold and hot when it’s hot.

“You just called me”  cos you know.  Every call that comes from this building is made by me.

Getting abused by idiots because the first person they talk to when they ring up to complain about something is the person that caused their problem……. O_o

And I definitely won’t miss getting up at 6:00am, leaving home at 7:00am and getting home at 7:00pm.  


So I just had someone walk past and go tick, tick tick.  So funny.

I’m having trouble looking sad.  And I’m not sorry.  Apparently I’ve never looked so happy at work before!

OK.  So it’s 11:45am.. and I’m bored out of my brain.   I’ve actually had to ask for some work!  LOL…  I’m pathetic.

Lunchtime.  Hubs said he was going to shout me lunch today.. which is sweet, but we only have ½ hour.   We got pies from the local…. Hahaha!  And ate them in the lunch room.  Romantic.

I have a weird knot in my stomach right now.   So either the pie was off, or I’m actually having some sort of emotional episode…  I’ll let you know.

The afternoon has passed pretty quickly.  I just got ushered out of reception and told to stand outside our training room with two other people that are also leaving this week.


Well this is embarrassing!!  The door was opened and the room was dark, and it was full of people… we were ushered into the front row to sit and watch a video of us!! LOLOL.  I was told it was very difficult finding pictures of me.  Well yes.  Every time someone has had a camera out at work, or at a work function, I would bolt.  I love taking photo’s, just not always being in them.

It worked…. I’m now choked up.  And then come the speeches.  Lovely things said about me, and the others.  It was really nice.  And of course when asked if I would like to say a few words.. haha!  a few?  And surprise, surprise.  I got teary at the end of my very me speech!  

I received beautiful flowers and a lovely gift and best of all, hugs hugs and more hugs.  Oh!  And cake!

And now I’m home and it really hasn’t sunk in.  I left my ID and security tags in the drawer at work.   It probably won’t sink in completely until next week, or maybe not until after we get back from our holiday and realise I’m broke.  I don’t doubt at some point I’ll get wistful and think “did I do the right thing?” but I know I definitely DID do the right thing.  You know when it’s time to go.

So that, my friends, was my last day at work.  The end of an era.  What does the future hold for me?  Who knows.  But I will be ready for it with arms wide open, ready to let it wash over me.






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