Three, Two, One…. Here We Go!

So the day is almost here.  Three sleeps to be exact.

After a year of planning, changing my mind, panicking endlessly, nagging my husband, and finally packing our suitcases.  Twice.  We’re here!

Our very first overseas holiday!

We are hitting the USA shores for seven weeks, before heading home via a week in Hawaii.

This trip has been a very long time coming.  Thirty years in fact.   I told hubby that if we had only gone on a honeymoon when we got married, he might have gotten out of this trip so much cheaper……….. who am I kidding, it still would have cost him as much!

Hubby has been digging in his heels for a long time about an overseas holiday.  But my persistence, and sadly, the terrible debilitating accident of a friend of ours, and another friend being diagnosed with a terminal illness jogged him and he suddenly realised that we are only on this earth for a short time and we need to make the most of it.

So he agreed.  I think he’s been regretting it ever since.

So I sat down with a travel agent and started mapping out our dream holiday.  It started out as a five week trip visiting about 8 cities and quickly grew into a seven week trip including 14 cities.   I managed to con him into agreeing to a vow renewal in the Graceland Chapel in Vegas where we shall renew our ball and chain for another thirty years.  I know you get less for murder, but really, the idea of training another one is just too depressing.

The day we had to go and pay our deposit was hilarious..  you’ve all seen his face before

Image    He handed over part payment in cash and then had to get his credit card out for the balance… Imagine someone in slow motion…. yep, and the pained expression…. you got it.

I couldn’t not laugh out loud.

Anyway, after that it was pretty much just me and the travel agent banging out details.  We lucked out because there was a USA Expo happening the week after we paid our deposit, so we got some excellent deals on flights and accommodation!  Which made hubby feel a little bit better.

Hubby has not actually been involved in any aspect of planning this trip.  As he says to anyone who asks him “Where are you going?”.

“I have no idea, I just paid for it.”

He has been preoccupied with starting a new job, getting our investment property ready for sale, and being in a friends wedding.  The trip has been the last thing he wanted to think about.  Now that all these other things are settled, I’ve told him that we should probably sit down and have a quick chat about things like spending money, carrying credit cards and passports safely, the itinerary.

I have been the recipient of a majorly blank look.   The man is breaking my balls!!

Oh!  And guess when he starts his holidays.   The night before we fly out!  He didn’t even take a day off before we leave.  I have a headache just thinking about it!

Anyway, I think I’m organised.  I think we have enough cash.  I think I understand my itinerary.  Our travel agent has been amazing.  She has put everything in date order and highlighted phone numbers, times, dates etc.   I just have to trust that I can handle it all  WITH hubby.  What has thrown me is the weather.

I originally chose this time of year because it is Spring!  Now, here, Spring means blue skies, warm pleasant days of about 60-70F.  Apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo because she has dropped a shitload of snow and blown icy winds all over the damned place.  So here’s the thing.  In Adelaide, we don’t get snow.  We don’t get blizzards.  I wouldn’t know a snow drift if I fell into one.  And the absolute coldest it gets during the middle of winter during the day is about 50F !!

Today someone tweeted to me that they were having a beautiful day.  And it was 50F……. you can imagine my face…  Image

And coming out of Summer, there’s nothing in the shops that probably will come close to being appropriately warm.   So I guess that I am just going to have to do a wee bit of shopping when we arrive in the USA!  (WOW, that’s a real shame isn’t it?)

There’s nothing I can do.  I’ve packed with layering in mind.  Shoes, well, I’ll buy us some walking boots with good grippy soles and we had always intended buying leather jackets in Vegas anyway.  I almost pulled out all the T-shirts and shorts, but then remembered we’re finishing up in Hawaii and will need them!  So, basically it is what it is.  We’ll be alright.

I am wavering between nerves and excitement.  Hubs still seems disinterested.  But then again, when he’s nervous he goes into denial.  So we’re a bloody good pair!

I may not really get a chance to update here while I’m away.  I’m only going to have my iPad and I’m not sure how often we’ll get free wifi.  Anyway, I AM keeping a journal while I’m away so that I don’t forget all those small little things that happen, and I’ll be able to update properly when I get home.

I have some exciting things planned, a wedding renewal on the actual day of our 30th anniversary at the exact time we got married.  Meeting some of my internet pals along the way. Some incredible touristy tours and just being with my guy and having heaps of fun!

So stay tuned!!



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2 Responses to Three, Two, One…. Here We Go!

  1. Sarah says:

    You’re going to have an amazing trip. I hope I didn’t cause too much anxiety with the weather info. It’s only like that here in the upper half. =)

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