30 Day Challenge – Day Two

2.  Where Would You Like To Be In Ten Years

hmmm, well in ten years I’ll be almost 65  SHOCK!! HORROR!!

So, let’s think about this.  With my current physical issues, I hope I’m NOT in a wheelchair!  My joints were completely screwed from the Ross River virus.  And I probably haven’t helped matters by retiring.  I’m somewhat sedentary at the moment (more than I used to be) enjoying being home.  This is something I need to change.  Winter didn’t give me any incentive, nor did the lung infection I brought home from the USA  which laid me up for 13 weeks.  But all that aside, if I don’t get my arse moving soon, I probably will be in that chair by age 60.

I hope to have at least one grand child (although with my boys being slow off the mark, I have serious doubts that I’ll have one while I’m still young enough to be a fun Nana).  I hope we will have managed to have one more trip back to the USA.  And maybe, just maybe, a trip to New Zealand too.

I hope we are perhaps in a smaller home.  Perhaps a modern 3 bed courtyard home with no work needed.    Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve loved this house.  But it’s old, and it needs SO much work doing to it, but its been our home.  We raised 3 sons here.  We had all their mates stay here at one time or another.  We’ve been happy here (and sad, and depressed, and angry, and irritated) but mostly we’ve been happy.  And I will be sad to leave, but it’s going to be for the best in about five years I think.  Hubs will be sixty….

OMG!!!!  I’m going to be living with an old man in five years time!!!

Sorry, that just scared me for a minute…

I’d love hubby to be retired, or semi-retired.  but whether we can swing that financially, I don’t know.  We’ll see.  And, I’d really just love to have 3 daughter in laws  (and don’t forget the grandkids).  I don’t care what order that all happens in.

Not so much to ask for, right?


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