3.  Your Views On Drugs & Alcohol

Oh boy.  OK.. so I probably have conflicting opinions.. a sort of do what I say, don’t do what I do thing going on because I have had kids.

Look, the reality is I’m 55 (almost) and I’m no angel.  I’ve done things I regret, and will never do again, some I might do again, some I do do, regularly.

Basically,  though, I’m anti drugs (except the ones my doctor prescribes for me).  Although I have conflicting feelings about medical marijuanah.

I despair about all the young lives being damaged by the over abundance of lethal lab drugs that are out there.  It’s a waste of their time, their creativity, their usefulness and their lives.  It used to worry the life out of me, wondering if my boys were using anything, trying anything.  But luckily, I’ve had a very open relationship with all three of my sons, and I’ve had some VERY frank conversations with them.

I would be very naive  to think that none of my sons had been in situations that brought them in contact with drugs.  I do know that none of them do drugs.

I was honest with them about my own brush with drugs.  Yes, I tried weed.  Once.  It was a disaster.  I was probably about 22, away on a volleyball trip with my club.  We were camping.  Quite a lot of them were pretty heavy potheads.  It was the 80’s.  I don’t have any other excuse.  They convinced me to try it.  I never had before, so despite my other half’s request for me to not do it.  I did.

What they failed to tell me is that they laced it with hash oil.  Of course it didn’t take much to set me off.  I became weird and paranoid, convinced the police were coming for me.  I went running off and someone had to chase me down and bring me back.  I ended up spending several hours cowering in the back of a tent, fearful for my life.  And of course the boyfriend (now hubby) was completely unimpressed with me.

The next day I was the butt of many, many, MANY jokes.  Which I accepted with good grace.  What it did teach me was that I never wanted to try any kind of drug ever again.  And I never have.  Hell, I can’t even have morphine when I’m in hospital as it causes weird hallucinations and incredibly violent projectile vomiting.

   This is literally what I look like while on morphine.

As far as drinking goes, I was always partial to a fruity sweet alcoholic drink.  I started drinking when I was 16 and was getting into local disco’s (yes, I’m that old, clubs were called disco’s)   I was drinking gin tropicals and would dance my heart out all night and then drive home …  (not the sharpest tool in the box, but that’s what we did back then)

As parents, we were not exactly super strict on drinking in our home.   From the time the boys were about 15, we would often offer them a glass of beer with Christmas dinner, or birthday celebrations.  Funnily enough, they never wanted one.  Two of them turned down 16th birthday parties because we said, no booze.  They told us that nobody would come if they couldn’t drink.  It made me sad, that this was enough to stop their friends coming and celebrating with them.  But that was the reality.

Here in Australia, the legal drinking age is 18.  Our boys are all quite different.  One hit the clubs as soon as he turned 18.  One was involved in our state Sports Institute, so drinking was out, period.  And the other one just had no interest and didn’t go into the city to the clubs until he was almost 20.  Don’t get me wrong, they all get a bit messy at times when out with their mates, but they’re all in their mid 20’s and they are not stupid (mostly).

Hubs and I both enjoy a drink, and we go to the local and drink with our friends, not over the top, we just have a good time.   Sometimes, I do get a little …… tiddly, shall we say?  And apparently I’m a hoot!  (this probably explains why people are always offering to buy me drinks…..)  I just need to learn to say no thanks.

yeah, that’ll never happen… 1545942_796583077024613_1260848289_n


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