OK, so I was born at midnight.  I’m right on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

sagcapricorn                    Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp

So this is what is said about me, astrology wise:

You are the good girl, the Boy Scout… the nice guy that doesn’t finish last and the gorgeous girl next door. You are sure of yourself, sure of your surroundings and know just when enough is enough. Life flows both around you and through you. Your sensory perception is remarkable and you simply ‘know’ when the moment is right and which way to go. You are born under the “Cusp of Prophecy”,  you always seem to know and always seem to be prepared.   

But, and there always is a but, you are impatient and impulsive thanks to your fire element. The Sagittarian in you is quite powerful and often times restless. You would love to have company on your adventures or projects, the Sagittarian says the more the merrier but the Capricorn in you has no problem moving ahead on your own if no one shows interest. Therein lies another problem.

You have no problem creating social relationships. You are loved and beloved but the difficulty lies in maintaining those connections. You can be moody and unchecked, those moods can control you. There are times, too many times in fact, where you get a pass with those you are close to, because they know how you are and simply accept it.

And I would say that is pretty much bang on!  (except for the thing about the gorgeous girl next door.. that’s just weird, I was more the tomboy up the street)

This was the cheats way of doing this one, but it is probably tells you exactly what I’m like.


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