Well, realistically, more than half my life is over.  And without sounding morbid or depressing, I just hope the rest of my life will be relatively happy and healthy.

What I would like is for us to travel more and to see and experience things that we have waited so long for.

I’m really hopeful for grandchildren.  I can think of nothing I want more than to see my sons as fathers, and to see them with their father and their children.  I’ve already told Zac that I will be doing childcare for my boys and their partners if they want me to.  I can’t wait for that moment when we open the door and several tiny people come running in, arms outstretched calling Nana, Papa!  And really just loving coming to stay with us.

I am looking forward to moving to a smaller home eventually.  I’ve loved this house.  We raised our boys here, but it’s so big for just the two of us.  We use three rooms plus the bathroom.  That’s it pretty much.  I think the boys and hubby will have more of an issue with us selling than me.  I dream of a nice three bedroom place, brand new hopefully, beautifully appointed kitchen, gorgeous timber and tiled floors, low maintenance back yard.  yep… can’t wait for that.

I think that’s it really.  Pretty simple.


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