Well, that was a really long time ago.  But I do remember my first kiss.

I was about 16.  I had left school.  My friends and I used to go Sams Disco here in Adelaide.   There was a guy there that we all thought was cute.   He was like the John Travolta of the disco.  Anyway, one night he asked me to dance.  ME!  I remember being so excited.  hahaha!  ahhh to be young and naive again.  Anyway, it was “last dance” and at the end of it he dipped his head and kissed me.  And then kissed me some more.

It was pretty much exhilarating to a very young, immature girl who had never really been seen by boys as much more than one of them.  The tomboy.

And that was it.  We never danced again.  And, as he always did, he kissed the last girl he danced with.

My first love, was a boy I worked with.  I was around 17.  He was my first boyfriend.  We dated for about a year.  He bought me a friendship ring, which I still have.  It was very expensive, white gold.   It doesn’t even come close to fitting on my finger any more.  I was a lot skinnier than I realised back then!  I wonder if I didn’t love the ring more than him.

I can’t even remember why we broke up.  We were just kids really.  Que Sera!


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