I’m on holidays, but I will just do a quick post for days 13 – 18

Day 13 – Somewhere I’d Like To Move To Or Visit.

I don’t want to move, but I really want to go to Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Tasmania,  Monkey Mia, Port Douglas and Kangaroo Island

Day 14 – My Earliest Memory… you’re stretching me here….

Honestly, it would be sleeping on sheets spread out on our back lawn in summer, and finding my first kitten, Pinny.  I kept her in my cubby house and fed her milk and chocolate biscuits for 3 days until my Mum found her.  I was allowed to keep her.  I can also remember digging weeds out of my grandparents yard and being paid ten cents per weed, and knocking almonds from the tree with broom sticks – I have no idea how old I was though.

Day 15 – My Favourite Tumblrs… HAHAHAHA!   I can’t tell you that!  I’d offend someone!!!    OK.. I’ll settle on mine.. and DLoIndustries (Dean Lopata)

Day 16 – My Views On Mainstream Music.

I don’t mind it.  Some of it is great, some of it is crap.  I probably prefer alternative, but then again, if you listen to my iTunes playlist, I have extremely eclectic taste in music.  I can’t be pinned down to anything in particular.  I don’t even have a favourite artist..

I’m going to do Days 17 and 18 as I won’t be back for a couple of days yet.

Day 17 – Highs & Lows of This Past Year

I don’t have any lows… 1st high – retiring.  2nd high – travelling to USA for 8 weeks

Day 18 – My Beliefs

About what?  We live, we die.

I believe there’s is something waiting for us, but I can’t be sure exactly what.

I believe in ghosts/spirits.

I believe in guardian angels looking out for us.

I believe I’m thirsty now and I would like another drink!



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