Needless to say I grew up in an age where you just didn’t do this.  My father was strict,  but my mother was the disciplinarian.  Dad would never punish or spank us (because of his upbringing).  Mother’s favourite thing was the fly swat across the bum.

I think the only time I ever actually had “words” with my mum was when I was about 13 and wanted a pair of Levi’s Californian Cords in bottle green or chocolate brown for school.  Needless to say, Mum had no money and they were expensive.  So I got some random pair of corduroy pants from Target, which I hated beyond words.

I remember swearing at Mum about hating that I couldn’t have what the other kids have and told her I would never wear those ugly pants, and that I hated her for thinking I would.

We have talked about it many times and we laugh so hard.  Even she admits they were pretty ugly.

Sadly I think the current generation of teens are far more disrespectful than mine ever could have been.  And in an era of parents being too scared to discipline their kids or trying too hard to be their kids friends instead of parenting them, it’s only getting worse.


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