20.  How Important Do You Think Education Is?

ummm is this a trick question?

I think it goes without saying that its extremely important.  And it’s a sad fact that today, in 2014, there are kids leaving high school that still cannot spell, use punctuation and basic grammar, or work out a simple thing like addition without a calculator.

In these days of  phones with auto-correct (and I am trying not to laugh at that) and calculators inbuilt, it almost appears that schools have invested less into basic reading, writing and mathematics and more into political correctness, computer programming and trying to avoid being abused by students who are running riot because they have little to no parenting at home.  Harsh words, sure, but knowing several young teachers, I also am aware that students being abusive is a real issue.

It absolutely infuriates me seeing how bad some people’s spelling actually is!    And grammar…. this makes me think of an old sketch in the Benny Hill show (and I am aware that a lot of you are now screwing up your face asking “who the hell is that?” )

It’s about a director trying to get a scene done and the actors keep messing up the lines.

Dumb actress [looking down at leading man’s crotch]: “What is this thing called, love?”  Director: “Cut! No, it’s, ‘What is this thing called love?'”

Dumb actress, terrified: “What’s that in the road–a head?!”                                         Director: “Cut! No, it’s, ‘What’s that in the road ahead?'”

I’ve digressed slightly, but basically I acknowledge that there are a lot of things that schools cannot teach, things that one learns by living one’s life.  But you cannot live your life successfully without an education.

I am also acutely aware that some of you will be thinking, this bird can’t spell!!!  However, I am Australian, and we use UK English spelling.

so there…. 


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