JEEZ…..  has to be Kevin Spacey.  

He’s such a great actor.  He’s been in some amazing movies and of course House of Cards, but his personal life is such a mystery.  You never see him in tabloids or making a dick of himself.

He seems quiet and subdued, but at the same time he has a real quirky sense of humour, and can be really fun.

As he himself said in an interview  “the less you know about me, the easier it is to convince you that I am that character on screen. It allows an audience to come into a movie theatre and believe I am that person”.  and honestly, whenever I see him in something, I truly believe he is that person!

He’s brilliant, talented and, I think, quite sexy…

Things that are definitely his trademarks are:

  • his drawling voice
  • he often plays deceptively intelligent and ruthless men
  • he offten plays cold-blooded and sadistic characters
  • his distinctive clipped manner of speaking
  • his beautifully deadpan delivery

I adored him in American Beauty, and he was brilliant in The Life Of David Gale, which not many people have seen I don’t think.  At least not many people that I know.

He is also fantastic an impressions!!!

and he can sing!!!

I’m going to go daydream about Kevin for a bit now….


About Juuls

50(mumbles) Daughter, Wife, Mother, Frustrated writer, Doer of not much if I can help it. I am NOT a morning person. Short attention spa OOH! Kittens!! I jiggle, therefore I am.
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