I miss lots of things.

I miss my long hair.  Even though I’m 55 and I know I cant get away with it any more, I miss it.

I miss my first cat.   She died decades ago, but she was a real lap snuggler.  Never had a cat like her since.  Plus, she was my first.

I miss not having my own car.  We only have one between us, and while I don’t necessarily need my own car, I miss having one.

I miss my Dad.  Now some would think he should be at the top of my list.  But Dad and I had a complicated relationship.  We were too much alike and butted heads continually.  I don’t miss my sore head, but I do miss him.

I miss seeing my feet in the morning when I get up.  The old belly has taken pride of place in that “first thing I see” place.

I miss not being able to wear high heels.  After two ankle reconstructions on the same ankle, it’s just not happening.

I miss my boys.  They’re not dead or anything, they just moved out into their own homes.  I miss the smell (parents of boys will understand this one) even though it was bad enough to make me puke into my own mouth some days.  I miss the noise (which could break record levels when they were fighting).  I miss the family room being full of, well, family.  I miss their rowdy mates.  We see them all the time, several times a week in fact.  But it’s not the same as them actually living here.

That’s about it.    When this challenge is over, I’ll probably miss that too.


About Juuls

50(mumbles) Daughter, Wife, Mother, Frustrated writer, Doer of not much if I can help it. I am NOT a morning person. Short attention spa OOH! Kittens!! I jiggle, therefore I am.
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