Hello? We Don’t Do Halloween Here!!

So, it’s October.  And of course the internet is full of Halloween preparations.  How to decorate your house.  What costumes are the best and most appropriate when you’re fat.  What candy is considered acceptable by parents.  What candy is considered to be the worst by kids.

Hello.  We live in Australia.  This is not our holiday.  It never was our holiday.  And it never should be our holiday.  And we don’t eat candy.  We eat lollies.

I have spent the last four years dreading the knock on the door between 5 – 8 pm each year on 31st October.

The first year it happened, Hubby ran around, finding some stale old lollies in the cupboard and gave them all to the first kids that knocked on the door.  THEY WERE’NT EVEN IN COSTUMES!   For crying out loud they were just scamming lollies from people in the name of Halloween.  I got pissed.

The second year I actually put up a sign ..


Hubby got mad at me when he realised what I had done, but I kept the only lollies in the house, which were my favourite lollies, for myself.  WINNING!

The last two years, I left the front door slightly open and let the dog go crazy at anyone who knocked.  Pretty sure my trick sent some of them home with a treat in their pants.

This year I may put a large empty bowl out on the doorstep with a sign, “Buy Your Own Lollies”

Now, I’m sure I sound like an old grump.  And where this is concerned I pretty much am.

I don’t have a problem with people having a Halloween themed party.  Not at all.  In fact I’d probably love going to one.  I love fancy dress parties.  What I object to is parents who think that sending their children walking around the streets, often NOT in costume, to badger people, most of whom don’t even realise it’s Halloween, IN AMERICA, is acceptable.

In short, I would love to experience real Halloween IN America.  I think it would be great fun!  But that’s my point.  It’s their holiday.  Not ours.  Just leave it be.

Yes folks, I am the Australian Halloween Scrooge.

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