My Green Thumb – An Adventure In Veggie Growing Entry 1

Well, today I finally got my beds filled with soil.

I should explain.  Over the last five years or so, my knees have been deteriorating to the point where I’m close to bone on bone in the joint.

Frankly, it is shit.

Basically it means I cannot run, squat, kneel.  And if by some weird turn of fate I end up on the ground ( like falling over ), I cannot kneel on my knees, or get myself up off the floor unless I have a chair to pull myself up onto, or, two burly men to lift me up onto my feet.   pathetic…. I know.   It happened to me a couple of weekends ago.  I tripped up the step into our kitchen and landed heavily on my knees.  The reason for my awkward fall was I was carrying four glasses and I was more worried about breaking them, than my knees (thankfully I didn’t break either).

Anyway, back to my point.  I just cannot get down on the ground to do any gardening any more.  So, hubby has kindly purchased me two raised garden beds!  I’ve decided that now I’m home, I need a hobby.  And what better hobby than growing tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums with a little basil and parsley thrown in.   Scratch this off my bucket list of things to do now I’m retired.

Our dog Bo was quite curious about them when they arrived on Friday.  But he’s given them his approval to be brought into the yard.  Phew!  Could have been awkward if he didn’t like them!


So hubs and I spend last weekend clearing the area for them.  It didn’t take that long really.  We pulled up a couple of shrubs and potted them so we could replant them elsewhere in the garden.  Hubby levelled the area and then we moved the beds into place.


Then this Saturday afternoon we toddled off to the local Bunnings and I got tomato plants, some basil and parsley.   I ended up with three types of tomatoes.  Some large fleshy salad tomatoes (which according to the tag are super easy to grow),  some Roma tomatoes (these are the egg shaped ones)  and one that grows small truss tomatoes (I’m really looking forward to these)  so hopefully they will all grow well.


A couple  of our favourite things are bruschetta, and basil pesto.  So being able to just pop out and grab fresh basil and a few tomatoes straight from the bush is going to be amazing!!


Today, hubs and son#2 (who has a towbar) went and got a couple of trailer loads full of soil, rich and dark, full of nutrients for growing veggies.  It smelled great apparently as our dog couldn’t keep his bloody face out of it!  I’m not sure how much he ate, but he was acting all weird afterwards, like he was drunk on the smell of horse manure.   Dopey dog.

Anyway, it only took about  an hour to fill the first bed.    I was all ready to get planting.

And then the rain started.  Of course it did.  And if it had just been a light sprinkle I would have just gone ahead and started planting.  But no.  It had to bucket down, didn’t it. Anyway, it only lasted about half an hour and as soon as it stopped I got out there with my new red gardening gloves and my new gardening tools and planted all but one of my plants.   I’m going to plant the truss tomatoes in the second garden bed after hubby finishes filling it with soil.


We probably could have finished it today, but we were buggered frankly, after a big night last night, so I told him not to bother, and that we could do it through the week.

I was all happy tonight, watching a movie, and thinking about my nice little plants nestled in their new home, and then the thunder started.  It was really weird.  It was just thunder.  So I didn’t worry too much.  Then the lightning started followed by even louder claps of thunder.  But that’s also OK.  It wasn’t raining.  It was just a bit muggy, and bright, and loud.

Then the rain started.  Now, I’m not talking soft spring rain.  I’m talking heavy, huge drops of water as big as your hand that slammed into the ground like they were throwing themselves off of the highest cloud in order to make sure they splintered on impact with the ground spraying in circles.  I was sitting in the family room, hoping that it wasn’t going to damage my babies.   I’d waited so long to start this project, and it’s typical that mother nature would choose today to spit on me.

And of course, then it started hailing.  Of course it did.

So tomorrow morning, I will go out and see whether I have four perky tomato plants, or some flat green stems lying sideways in the dirt.


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50(mumbles) Daughter, Wife, Mother, Frustrated writer, Doer of not much if I can help it. I am NOT a morning person. Short attention spa OOH! Kittens!! I jiggle, therefore I am.
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