My Green Thumb – Entry 2

It’s been a very satisfying day today.  I drove up to Bunnings (our large hardware/gardening centre) and spent time wandering between aisles of all manner of herbs and vegetable seedlings.  The scent of sweet basil was most prevalent and of course, started my mouth watering as I dreamed of making pots of basil pesto.

As usual I am way ahead of myself.  I have to get the bloody stuff to grow first!

I grabbed a couple more trays of basil (because I’m lead to believe it can help with pests on tomatoes – I’ll let you know) a couple of curly leaf parsley to complement the flat leaf parsley I have in my first garden bed.  I got a couple of Big Mama capsicum plants (you may call them red or green peppers – here they’re capsicums), a tray of 4 Jalepeno chilli plants (yummy) and a tray of 4 Lebanese cucumber seedlings.

I have never grown cucumbers at all so I’m flying blind a little.  I think I shall get some trellis/framework for them to grow up as I read that this helps keep the fruit clean, plus I don’t want them sprawling all over the other plants.

I also bought some sugar cane mulch, but I haven’t laid this yet.  I’m going to let the plants settle a bit first.  Plus, because of the nature of mulch, it can set off asthma in some people.  and I’m one of those people… so I might have to get a painting mask and use that when I open the bag and spread the mulch.  Or.  I might just let hubby do that job.  I’ll think about it until the weekend.

A bag of cane stakes and I was done.  $56 later at the checkout and I’m on my way home.

The dog, of course, was quite interested in the smells of the new plants.  In the past I have grown cherry tomatoes,  and had a struggle keeping fruit on the plants.  Why?  Because my darling BoDog loves tomatoes straight off the vine.   Another reason for growing them in raised garden beds…

It probably took me about an hour to plant my little babies into the dark rich soil.  I felt quite proud standing back and admiring my work.  Of course I have probably planted them a little closer together than the recommended distance, but again.  This is a learning curve for me and we will see what happens.

I stood watering the newly planted seedlings, the sun warming my back, making the water glisten like diamonds as it fell onto the plants and soil.   There’s nothing quite like knowing that you are helping new plants take hold and burst into life (or maybe that’s my God complex kicking in – I suffer from that when I play the Sims as well)

A few photos for you.   I’m just boasting like a new parent.  And that’s it for today!




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