New Projects – My husband is gonna kill me

So to fill my time, now I’m retired, I’m looking around myself wondering what I can do that won’t cost an arm and a leg and give hubby a heart attack.

18 years ago, my kids were little, and having three boys extremely close in age (I had 3 boys in 4 years) we needed to paint with (a) washable paint and (b) a colour that wouldn’t show too much dirt because, really, how often do people wash their walls?

So, back at that time, Moroccan themes were extremely popular.  And golds, blues, greens, rich colours were the thing.  I picked three wall colours out and, stupidly, let my kids choose which one we would paint the family room.

10441100_987514267931492_2179890556021960678_n                                                        as you can see, I didn’t tidy up before taking the pic…  We live here.

Now, this room was really where we lived, and still do.  The boys played in there.  We ate in there.  They had their friends come for sleepovers in there.  We had family dinners in there.  We even, at one point, had a small plastic basketball hoop set up over the door that led into what would become my eldest son’s bedroom.  So essentially, my boys and their friends played indoor basketball when it was wet outside.

It’s safe to say this room got a hammering over the years.

I have been saying for ten years I wanted to paint it.  Hubby even went out and  bought the undercoat and the paint colour I have chosen early this year.   A nice, light cream.   I have asked him repeatedly when he might want to start painting.   Hubby would just smile and nod and promise me that we would soon.   soon has never come to our house.

So.  I’m taking it on.  I did the painting by myself 18 years ago.  I’ll do it again.

Granted I’m 18 years older, have arthritis in both my hands and knees, and pretty much am unfit so everything makes me puff and hurt.  But I am determined.

It   Is    Happening.

Today, I started sugar soaping the walls.  I don’t know if you all know what that is.  It’s a solution that you dilute and use to wash grime from walls, floors, anything really.

Our family room is big, with lots of doors and windows.  So there’s not that much wall  exactly.  It’s just awkward and there will be a LOT of cutting in (which is going to be a challenge for my hands).

68175_987514377931481_5498717165080859706_n                                                           usually the dining table is against the wall on the right, but I moved it to start washing that wall.

I managed to do one section of wall before I ran out of puff.   This is going to be a marathon project apparently.

Still.  I feel pretty damned chuffed that I have started.   I will continue tomorrow with the section of wall behind the couch.  After that.  I will have to empty the bar and the china cabinet so I can move them out into the middle of the room.  Then I can wash behind them.


When we painted last time.  When I painted last time.  I just cut in with a brush.  I had a steady hand and clear eyesight.  This time, I am going to go buy the cutting in brushes they now make.  I’m also thinking of buying one of those new smart rollers with a barrel that you pour the paint into which feeds the roller, meaning you don’t need a tray full of paint to dip the roller in.


I will get there.  As long as I can get it painted before Xmas, I really don’t care if we are sitting in a room with no window coverings.  I will be satisfied that I have gotten it done.  I would like to have at least had the floor quoted for and hopefully ordered.  I’m going to have the room tiled.

I mulled over different floor coverings, floating timber, cork, vinyl, but I’ve settled on some large sandstone type tiles.


Nothing shiny.  I don’t trust myself not to fall over on slick shiny tiles.


Besides,  I know that they would show every mark, dirt and smear from the mop.  Yes, I’m a lazy housekeeper.  I admit it.  But honestly, why would I want to make more work for myself at this point of my life?

We sort of know what sort of new TV cabinet we want.  I also pitched an idea about getting a small wine/drinks fridge where our current “bar” is, with a cupboard above it to keep other spirits and glasses in.  And I have some ideas about what sort of window coverings I want to get.  So we need to go shopping after the New Year for all of that too.

Hubby is going to love it…………. (insert sarcasm anywhere)

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  It’s going to be a big job.  Let’s just get it sugar soaped and painted.  That’s going to take a while as I have to undercoat first because of the gold.  It’s too deep, and would bleed through the cream.  Double the painting.  so be it.

Here I go!

Oh, remember that first paragraph I wrote (a project that won’t cost an arm and a leg)?


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