Well, it’s mid December and it’s been about three weeks since I posted, and WOW.  Things have really changed.  Some things for the better, some things for the worse.

It’s interesting how two varieties of tomatoes seem to be thriving and fruiting, and one is just growing but not setting any fruit.  I don’t know if they are just in the wrong spot, or whether the soil doesn’t suit that variety?  But of course, this is still a learning curve for me, and I guess next year, I will possibly not even bother with that particular variety of tomatoes.



I’ve already picked my first fruit.  plump, red, juicy, and oh the tangy flavour.  It was like a glorious pop of heaven in my mouth!  yes, I’m a little excited over this.  And the plant is going berserk!  I’ve had to add two extra stakes to hold it up!


I’ve given up on the basil.  It just kept getting obliterated by caterpillars.  And it went really woody.  I’ve ripped most of them out and I’m trying another variety of tomato plant (Grosse Lisse).  Hopefully they will do well and I’ll have a later harvest.

I’ve got some yellowing of leaves on a couple of tomato plants which I believe might be due to not quite enough nitrogen and/or not enough sunlight.  So perhaps placement in the tubs is an issue.  I’ll make a note for next time.


My jalapeños are just sitting there.. getting plenty of flowers but no fruit.  I’m trying the old manual pollination thing, but its possible they are getting too much water.  I’ll have to re-jig how I water them.  Early days yet.

I have a capsicum growing!    

Hopefully it will not be an orphan.

My cucumbers are starting to grow taller and I’m getting loads of lovely bright yellow flowers, but I’ve found out that its quite common for cucumbers to produce only male flowers first.  Female flowers (which produce the fruit) come later.  Who knew!

  Male.femaleSquashflowers                                                                                                                     male          female !!

Parsley is parsley, and it’s going along OK.   I love being able to just go out and cut a small bunch to add to my cooking.

All in all, it’s fun watching my garden grow, and now that I’m getting some actual results, it’s even better!

Our yard in general is looking nice.  Better than last year for sure!  Although the palm at the back of the pool is threatening to drop that large frond right into the pool.. Hubs has to bag up that bunch of seeds and hopefully get it down at some point without killing himself.

Happy Christmas!!


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