Let’s Cook Something! – Latkes (Or as I call them Potato Pancakes)

Recently I came across a recipe for latkes.  Typically a Jewish dish at  Hanukkah time.  We’ve eaten these on and off for years and simply call them either fritters or potato pancakes.  These were a little different to how I make them usually, and I decided to give them a go.

I actually used my food processor, and what a wonderful result!  Long strands of potato, evenly sized.  And quick!

Chopped an onion, and added plain flour, baking powder, egg, coriander (cilantro) and a finely chopped green chilli.  Gave it a good mix and put it to the side.


And because I am me.  Making one type of latkes wasn’t going to do.  So I also prepped a batch of carrot and zucchini latkes as well, adding onion, salt, flour, baking powder and an egg.  Traditionally, latkes I believe are made with something called matzo meal.

Matzo is an unleavened cracker-like bread that is traditionally eaten at Passover, they are ground up to make the meal.  Of course, not being Jewish and not knowing where in Adelaide I would even find this product, I’ve just made it with plain flour.


All that was left to do was start frying them up, and making a quick sauce of sour cream, zest of lemon, along with some lemon juice, and a tiny bit of  crushed fresh garlic.



Hubby walked in the door and said he could smell them half way down the driveway.   Now, that was a good thing!

All in all, success!  Of course I have made enough to feed the masses.  But with three adult sons who drop in unannounced at any time, they probably won’t last more than a couple of days.

Did I mention they were bloody delicious?


About Juuls

50(mumbles) Daughter, Wife, Mother, Frustrated writer, Doer of not much if I can help it. I am NOT a morning person. Short attention spa OOH! Kittens!! I jiggle, therefore I am.
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