The Manscaping Thing

I recently found an old blog of mind and decided I’d share some of the entries here… I don’t use the other one any more, so why not?

so… The Manscaping Thing,

What the fuck is this all about anyway. I mean. We as human beings, have body hair.
It’s genetic. It grows. And we all have it in the same places. I mean, it must be there for a reason, mustn’t it? I get that not every man has been graced with body hair, and if that’s the way nature intended them, well its all good, but they are not as likely to get a second viewing by me. And there’s the whole discussion about the “tidy up”.

I get why I tidy up.. but men? I’m just not feeling it. There’s something really sexy about a guy with a hairy chest. For me it says I’m the man, I’m the tough guy. It’s sensual. It’s textural. It’s a visual thing. I love that line of hair that disappears into a guys Calvins. It’s like a flashing neon arrow pointing to the party.

Granted, hairy backs and the entire Victorian bushland under a guys arms is not so appealing, but in general, I like a man to look like a man. I’m not into this hairless, prepubescent look that guys are going for. I mean.. why would a woman want to be with guy that looks like a pre-teen? I don’t get it! They call it tidying up, but guys. Really? It’s one thing to be tidy. It’s another thing to be completely stripped, waxed and polished. I think guys have got it wrong.
But that’s just me.

Anyway, the reason I got onto this is because we were having a meal with my youngest son and his girlfriend the other day. I might point out that I have three sons, who are all very masculine. They have hairy chests and stomachs, just as nature dictated. As he came to the table I thought he looked odd, but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. After we had eaten, he stood up and she pointed to his stomach and smiled at me. She asked me what I thought.

I looked at him blankly for a moment. (I must point out that my son was not wearing a shirt. In fact my boys idea of dressing for dinner is putting on a wifebeater with their shorts.)  I looked blankly at her. She pointed to his belly. I looked again. It was smooth as a baby’s bum!! Then I looked at his chest it too was naked!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or laugh (it would only have been the volume that would have been different). So I laughed.

He looked at me sheepishly “umm yeah. She wanted to see how it looked” I just stared. He offered “she used NAIR, I wouldn’t let her wax me” That really tipped me over the edge.. I had tears rolling down my cheeks.. I didn’t dare ask how far he went. About a week later I asked him how the regrowth was going… needless to say. He was not impressed. I doubt that he will go down this road again unless the girlfriend catches him in a weak moment (or extremely drunk).


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