Life and Death Of Well Used Laptop

Today, I am using a beautiful new silver HP Envy laptop.  Why?  Because a week ago, my 7 year old HP laptop crapped itself, taking with it everything.. EVERYTHING!!!

All my photos, writing, assorted documents that I wasn’t supposed to lose, like receipts, and the one and only game I play, The Sims 4 disc, which was stuck in the disc drive.

I was horrified.  Devastated.  Close to tears.  It had been hovering on the brink of death for weeks, months even.  It started running hot.  So hot in fact that I needed to put a towel and cushions underneath it to protect my leg from getting a 3rd degree burn.  Then it started not waking up after I shut the lid.  And it also would take multiple presses of the power button before it would power up.  So I set it up so that when I closed the lid, it just stayed on.  Risky I know, but I was trying to stretch out the time before we ordered a new laptop.

Imagine my distress when I came out one morning and saw that the light wasn’t on.  IT WASN’T ON!!!  I hoped that it was that the power cord wasn’t pushed in all the way.  I’d had that happen as well.  The battery had drained, so after plugging it back in, it would do a reboot.  But of course, it didn’t.

All I could think about was how I hadn’t backed it up.. I’d tried, but I didn’t have an external drive or flash drive big enough.  I had backed up things like photos and documents, but not everything.  And I knew there were receipts and files that I probably would require, but hadn’t gotten round to saving them.  Typical.  Leaving things until it’s too late.

Lappie had been good to me.  It had only been fixed once in all the years I’d had it.  It’s had a hammering.  I use it every day.  To see what’s happening with friends, to order things I don’t really need and some that I do.  To research things for hubby.  To chat with friends.  To watch TV shows I’ve missed, or ones that I can only watch online.  And of course to play the one and only game I ever play.  The Sims 4.. lording it over and controlling the lives of my little families.

Luckily, hubby was able to arrange the purchase of a new laptop.. bigger, brighter, prettier, but not before my old one gave up the ghost.   I managed quite well without one for the week to ten days I was without it.  Luckily I still have the old work horse up in the lounge room.  A twelve year old desk top that is hanging in there by the skin of it’s teeth.

Hopefully it will last a bit longer because I use the laptop 95% of the time now.  I have backed up photo’s, documents, music etc, just in case.

So now I’m sitting with a bright pretty new machine on my lap.  Thankfully, the IT guy at hubby’s work, set it up for me, and even more miraculously, managed to retrieve a mirror copy of my old hard drive and installed it on this computer.  So I have not lost a single thing!  He has even set up the desktop.  I have not ventured into the Windows 8 tile screen yet.  I was scared that if I did, I wouldn’t be able to find my way back to the desktop!  Yes, I’m Windows 8 challenged.  For now.  I’ll work it out over the weekend I expect.  For now, I’m sticking with the desktop view.

She’s lovely, sleek, two inches bigger than Lappie and everything I could possibly want in a laptop right now and I shall call her Silvie.   Let’s hope she lasts as long as my old one did, and I don’t kill her too quickly.

the thought also occurred to me that I’m way to attached to technology….




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