My Two Cents on Bones…

Everyone seems to be saying what they think about Bones these days, and the direction it’s heading in.  I agree with a lot, and disagree with a lot.  I understand that it’s not easy pumping out episode after episode for ten years and keeping it on point and fresh, and I admire the writers and showrunners for keeping the momentum going.   There are many things I still love about the show, and there are things that I probably don’t love as much as I used to.  And that’s OK.  We, as viewers change, just as the show changes.  Sometimes I want to tear my hair out at some of the storylines.  Sometimes I sit with my mouth hanging open wondering what the hell I just watched.  Other times, I sit with a lump in my throat and a tiny tear in my eye, loving it to death.

I have loved this show from the very first episode, just like thousands of other viewers.  That fact doesn’t make anyone special (although some seem to think it makes them somehow a better fan).  I’m a big fan, definitely.  I’m a Bonehead, 100%.  But I’m not a drone who just watches every week staring at the screen, waiting for Booth & Brennan to hug, to kiss, to make love, to be a Stepford couple, and then whine and bitch to the world when they’re not.   That’s not to say I don’t miss things about them as the couple they used to be.  As a partnership.  Sure I do, but I’m intelligent enough to understand that the show is a living breathing thing.  It rises, falls and changes, just as it should.  Sometimes, sure I think it’s gone backwards, and other times I think it’s stood still.  But that is the nature of a long running show.  It needs to go through these patches.  And it has to change to be able to survive.

As far as B&B are concerned, sure, I want the passion and the tension and the eye sex back. I want to see them touching each other in the most innocent ways, that sent shivers down my spine. I want them to stare at each other and not speak, but say a thousand words. I want them to want each other, but be too scared to do anything about it.  I want them to want each other, like a married couple does. I want them to sit and lean into each other. I want them to hold hands like they cannot bear to let go. I want to see them cuddle together with their daughter. I want them to lie beside each other and we just KNOW they are in love.  I also want to win the Lottery.  I want a lot of things….. but I’ve learned to live without them.

Now, of course they’re into their 10th year.  That’s bloody amazing!  And real life situations for the actors impact on the show.  We have Emily who is pregnant with her second child.  It’s a fantastic thing for her family, but of course, it has changed things for her character on the show.  Yes, they’ve written it in.  Personally I would have been OK if they hadn’t, but as we all know, Emily does get pretty big (something I’m very familiar with) and it would have been very difficult hiding it.  Having said that,  they could have just “hidden” it and gone on with the show.  And yes, there would have been those of us who would have smiled at the ludicrous ideas they would have come up with to hide her growing belly, but just accepted and ignored it.  There would also have been the fans that would have bitched and moaned about why Booth and Brennan weren’t having another baby.  Of course, they got their wish.  And yet they are still not happy.

I suspect many of them have never been pregnant and don’t understand how it works.  Yes, we can all have a fab first pregnancy where we glow and shine and bounce along through life forgetting that we have this life growing inside us.  Then there is often the second pregnancy where you are sick as a dog, vomiting every half hour for months on end, unable to eat and pretty much feeling like a wet sack.  I would LOVE some of the whiners to work full time through that.   I’m not saying Emily has been ill, but if she has, it would explain why her scenes have been cut back.  And frankly who could blame her.  (oh right… those fans would)

So Brennan isn’t able to go into the field any more.. so what? I hope this means Booth will be able to visit the lab more now. I want him to make fun of the squints and stick his fingers into things he shouldnt touch. I want less “meaty” bodies and more bones. Since when is Brennan at her best working with fleshy remains? That’s Cams area. Yes.. I want a lot, I know. I want to see Aubrey interacting with Booth AND Brennan more. I like his connection to them both. He doesn’t know them as Seeley Booth and Dr Brennan. He just knows them as Booth&Brennan. He sees them as they are, not as they were. He connects with both of them in different ways. And he has similarities to them too.  Yes.  I AM a James Aubrey fan.  I loved him from the very first episode.  I love his quirky nature, his incessant eating, I love the fact that he is an actual FBI agent.  I love that he’s a little bit Brennan, a little bit Booth, a little bit Sweets and even a little bit Vincent.  He’s interesting.  And he’s fun.

I’ve said many times I didn’t like Sweets. That’s not entirely true. I did like him. As a shrink. That’s where he shined for me. And he knew so much about Booth and Brennan.  He grew up with them.  But I always felt like Sweets became like this little third wheel to B&B. They don’t have him to stick them back together anymore, so they have to learn how to do it without him. It’s going to be tough taking them forwards in a way that has substance.  Their lives have changed so much.  They’ve lived through so much.  And all these things change people.  Even TV characters.  And that’s what I do like.  Their frailties, their weaknesses.  They are not perfect.  I don’t want them to be perfect.

Trust me, I’ve been married for 31 years and married life is messy and awkward and complicated.  It can also be fun, and exciting and wonderful.   And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And that’s what I need to see to believe that Booth & Brennan are a married couple.  I need to see their daily messes and problems and their joyous moments.  I don’t need to see them in bed having sex (like SO many fans keep whining about).  Honestly, if that’s all you are watching for, go hire a porno.  Actually, I’m pretty sure a lot of you, who might be reading this have had sex.  I don’t need to see it to know and understand it’s a perfectly normal part of human nature.  So why do we need to see it on a TV show.    Cuddles, hugs, gentle kisses, sure, these things are lovely to see.  And I’m sure we’ll get that again.  But if we need to have some angst and discord inbetween.  Well I’m AOK with that too.

I’m at that point where I just want to watch my show every week.  I don’t want to see or hear about people abusing the cast or the writers.  Whining about story lines, about lack of B&B intimacy, about them not working together, about them being broken up (which is utter garbage).  I’m really over all that shit.   I also don’t need spoilers and previews and recaps.  They don’t interest me any more.  My opinion of what I watch is all I need.  I’ll either love it and keep watching it, or I’ll grow weary and tired and disinterested and stop.  That hasn’t happened to me yet with Bones.  I’ve had some moments where I’ve felt like it’s losing it’s shine.  But not enough to make me give it away.  I’ve loved it for too long and invested so much of myself in the lives of these fictional people to just stop.   I’m in it for the long haul, as long as that might be.

Of course, all the above is simply me, trying to put into words the muddle that is in my brain.  I’m not right or wrong.  It simply is what it is.

What I do know is that I’ll probably never get so invested in a TV show again.  It’s too much bloody hard work mentally and emotionally!


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3 Responses to My Two Cents on Bones…

  1. I agree with you on almost every point. I like Aubrey and I understand why Bones is in the field less. They have a daughter to consider and do not want her to lose both parents at once. I do think that Aubrey is doing too many of the interrogations. I really do not want to see them have sex, my imagination can do much better than anything they can show on network TV! I do think they need to show more affection towards each other. If you go back and look this started in the last season after they got married and not just this season because she is pregnant. I agree that people should not be attacking the actors/actresses. They have some input, but mostly do the scripts they are given. The writers probably should be left alone too. However the EPs and others that make the final call are a different story. Strip everything else away and they are making this show for the fans and the fans have a right to say they are not happy. I admit many have gone about it the wrong way or gone overboard, but I do believe we can and should let the Powers That Be know we do not like the direction they are taking the show. It should be done civilly and respectfully, but it should be done. Otherwise more and more people will stop watching and those PTB will have no clue why. They cannot fix the problem if they do not know what the problem is. I understand that not everyone considers it a problem, but if Stephen Nathan felt the need to pretend to address it it then it must be a problem. Unfortunately this season has been completed so we will have see if there is a S!! to see if anything changes

    • Joolzac says:

      I actually don’t think networks make TV shows for fans.. they make them to make money. TV is a business, it’s not like someone writing fanfiction for friends. And I don’t believe fans are always the best judges of shows. Many tend to just see what they want to see, and in the case of Bones, a lot just focus on the B&B personal relationship. It’s about so much more than that for me. And frankly, the show runners may not think there is a problem. They may be taking the show exactly where they want to take it. I do wonder about the length of time it’s taken to announce one way or another whether there will be another season. What will be will be I guess. It will be a shame if the show doesn’t get the chance to finish up properly, which another season, even a shortened one, would give it the chance to do.

  2. Sandy Holl says:

    I have said over and over again that Bones is the only show I never miss!! It is the best!! I love the whole cast , but especially Brennan and Booth, who make the show what it is year after year! I think there are many more ideas to be told and pray that there are more seasons! we definitely need season 11 !!! I would love to see some hugs and kisses but I love the whole story line ! Each episode is awesome!!!!

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