Renovating. Its a long slow process…. apparently

Well, it’s been months since I have posted.  such is the excitement that is my life I guess.

To be fair, it’s been winter.  It’s been bloody cold and bloody wet and I become extremely unmotivated at this time of year.

But, we have made a start on renovating our family room.  Now, don’t go getting excited.  If you know my hubby, you will understand.  If you don’t, well, let me give you a brief rundown.

Renovating costs money.  Renovating takes time.  Renovating means buying stuff which costs money.  Renovating needs time to think about what you are going to buy that will cost money…..  get the picture?

OK.. so,  This will be a bit of a picture blog, showing the progress I’ve made in the last few months… yes.  I said months.  Five months to be precise.  We hit walls, regularly.

But to be fair, I’m retired and we only have one income, so I’m being patient.  On the outside.

Inside?    tumblr_inline_nsd4ug20WG1qe94w3_500

Our family room was last painted around 18 years ago.  We had three young boys who were, quite frankly, tearaways, full of beans and I, being the cool mum that I was – and still am – used to umpire basketball games for them.  Inside.  In our family room.  So, we, meaning I, had the great idea to let the boys pick the colour of the family room, seeing as it was the room that they used all the time.

Yes folks.  I allowed three boys between 5 and 8 to choose the colour of our family room.

Whatever What can I say, I had had three boys within four years, was a stay at home mum, who’s only friends also had kids the same age and I strongly believe that this caused me to have an extended version of baby brain.  For about fifteen years, and by that stage I was in too deep to dig my way out of boys, boy stuff, boy friends, boy games.  Yep, I lived my life surrounded by boys.  I might also say, I loved every minute of it, and now that they are grown and have moved out, I miss the noise and mess and smell (yes, even the smell) greatly.

But, having finally surfaced from that, I finally convinced hubby that we really REALLY needed to get rid of the bright moroccan “gold” that our boys chose all those years ago.  Granted, it was washable and took a massive hammering and it did hold up well… but GOD it gave me a headache these last ten years.


So, I chose the new colour, hubby bought the paint, and then I waited ten months for him to tell me he was ready to paint the room.

  yes…. ten months.

But of course, he first had to wash the walls, pull out all the old picture anchors that had been there since we moved in 23 years ago, plaster up the holes, sand it down, replaster because he “missed a bit” resand and then rewash the walls all over again because of the dust………  and then he decided to brick up the windows that looked out under our carport.

Now, truth be told, those windows were rubbish.  They didn’t open and they looked out into the messy garage.  Stupid placement of windows, but they were there when we moved in and we hadn’t done anything about them.  So we got a couple of quotes, booked in the guy and that got done.


And then we began painting.. finally!

Here is a quick pic spam of how that went.  We actually got it undercoated and three top coats done over a three day long weekend.

We are guns!!   




Then came the discussion about window coverings.  Which actually was a really quick discussion because I knew what I wanted and had, in fact, already gone out and selected exactly what I wanted, and I was just waiting for hubs to give the go ahead.

Which took about 5 weeks, and then he told me to get quotes………….

You might, by now, be thinking “this woman is a saint!”  

And you’d be right, so, he wanted me to get quotes.  Which I did…  and then he sat on said quote for as long as he could before ordering the blinds I’d chosen.   But, they arrived within three weeks, and were installed.


Nothing overly fancy, but they do the job and I’m happy with them.

And I found a clock.  Only $12 from KMart!!  Bargain!  

So here we are.  We’ve got the room painted, blinds installed, no quote for a new sliding door – which we desperately need, no quote for new flooring – which probably won’t be done until next year, and no new dining chairs – because you know, they cost money!, and a bunch of flat pack boxes that will be assembled soon.  I’ll update with a new post about that!

I never thought it was going to be easy, but I didn’t think it was going to take so long.  I’ll get it done eventually I expect.

Someone once said, slow and steady wins the race.  They clearly had no bloody idea what they were talking about.


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