So I’m Jules,  Australian, married for 31 years, been with hubs for 34 (you get less for murder).  I have three grown sons in their 20’s, and am an empty nester.   I’m in my 50’s but really that’s just a number and it doesn’t define who I am at all.  I love life, and find something funny in most things.  I never look at things quite the same way as other people, I guess you’d say I’m left of centre.

I have a passion for music of all types,,, well except Jazz and metal, oh and  country, ughh.  I find myself looking for a blunt object to pretend to slash my wrists with when its playing.   I have been known to make fan vids, and I dabble in fanfiction.  My love of social media embarrasses my kids and my husband, but none of them know how entrenched in it I actually am, which I find hilarious.

I’m pretty much exactly the person that you read about in my blog.  I say exactly whats on the tip of my tongue, sometimes think that maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but rarely care that I did and never take it back.  I’m now 2 years post full hysterectomy, completely menopausal, and have decided that that pretty much gives me licence to say whatever I think.

Someone once asked me, what is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned.  My reply:

Life is a wonderful ride.  You just have to get on.


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  1. Julesy, read your blog. It’s great.

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