Elderly Rockers Are My Personal Nightmare

After hearing another radio commercial advertising yet another concert by aging rockers… I am forced to say…

There is something intrinsically wrong with elderly men and/or women trying to shake their “things” on the stage… reliving their hey days…

I mean… really…. Status Quo?   What are they… 70?    Roll Over, I Need To Lay Down Before I Fall Over.

Rolling Stones… Time Isn’t On My Side any more cos we’re 70…. Or Start Me Up cos my pacemaker just failed….

The Sweet? It’s It’s The Dislocated Hips   (“Ballroom Blitz” for those of you who are too young to even know who they are/were….. 😀 )

Blondie? Call Me and talk loud cos I’m deaf now…

ZZ Top… She’s Got Legs made of titanium…

The Pretenders…. Got Heart Pills In Pocket…

The Bangles … Walk Like An Egyptian cos my hip is crook….

The Eagles… Welcome To The Hotel California Retirement Home For The Elderly and Infirm….

God I could go on and on….

I’m afraid that whilst I loved these bands in their time….. now.. it’s just sad… Sad that they feel the need to inflict themselves on Australians… who are suckered in to paying ridiculous amounts of money to go see these octogenarians hobbling around stage….  I don’t want to fund your semi-retirement.

Give me a young hot semi dressed 25 year old guy ripping it up on stage any day…

But of course, that is just my opinion…. And you all know that that is what you get if you come here… LOL….


About Juuls

50(mumbles) Daughter, Wife, Mother, Frustrated writer, Doer of not much if I can help it. I am NOT a morning person. Short attention spa OOH! Kittens!! I jiggle, therefore I am.
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